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A b o u t   L W O

Leichhardt Wind Orchestra is a not-for-profit community association established in Sydney's inner west. Our conductor Andrew Blenkinsopp has led the ensemble since its formation in 2010. 

We endeavour to produce high-calibre and exciting concerts highlighting the musical talent of wind ensemble performers from Leichhardt and surrounds. 

Our aim is to provide an environment for local musicians, young and old, to come together to produce a series of concerts to demonstrate their passion for music through the sounds of the concert band.

The committee also wishes to support and advertise local artists through featuring these ensembles, or by performing works by local composers.

C o n t a c t

We would love to hear from you at if you have any questions or comments about our performances, joining the orchestra, or this website.


More updates and information can be found on our Facebook or Instagram pages. 

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